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In this quote Beowulf is basically saying that God will decide who will win between him and Grendel in battle because he requested to fight with his hands alone. Many references to Grendels character are labeled as the descendant of Cain who was tricked by Satan into committing sin.

But Beowulf refused to take the throne, instead choosing to loyally serve and advise King Heardred. Reading that, the audience clearly can tell that Beowulf is no average person, and that he is experienced with wisdom.

Beowulf comes in contact with three monsters who each symbolize three different stages in his life. The outcast clearly points to the world as the source of his misfortune. Hire Writer The good qualities of loyalty, humility, sacrifice for the good of others, and sympathy for those less fortunate are seen woven into the text as well as the negative consequences from greed and pride.

He devours men whole leaving almost no trace of blood or destruction except for the door he ripped off the hinges. He knows that, even though he has slain the dragon, his victory will feel hollow if there is no subsequent enactment of the ritual of reward and gift-giving.

The fact that Christianity and Paganism are so closely combined in the epic explains the reasons for Beowulfs Christian and pagan influences. The dragon blasts him with "death-fire.

Only one, Wiglaf, feels enough loyalty to come to the aid of his king. Whats makes the dragon a pagan symbol in Beowulf is his hatred toward the Geats by laying waste in the Geats land, because of a thief who stole his jewel cup. They also believed protecting against enemies and protecting the church.

He is not telling them that they are weak but that as their lord it is his obligation to save them from this beast. He remains the same in both the epic and the novel.

Beowulf: Christian Vs Pagan Influence Essay

When a thief infiltrates the dragons lair and steals a gem-covered goblet, the dragon awakes with rage and terrorizes the Earth. Grendel, however, is portrayed as an immature child.

Beowulf: Christian Vs Pagan Influence Essay

Fate is still a common concept; one can still hear people talking about fate, how our life revolves around it, and if things happen it is because they are meant to.

These pagan influences of amazing superhuman strength are not only apparent in Beowulf, but in many of the monsters he confronts on his journey. The pagan elements of the epic are evident in a couple of the characters superhuman qualities during the first two parts of the poem.

They also share all the monsters Beowulf fights in his epic, like the Dragon. The novel was written in the first person, and is also written in the past tense. The epic Beowulf is written in the third person and is about how the hero Beowulf comes and saves the day by fighting monsters.

The treasure also stands for the growing bond between Beowulf and Wiglaf, the old hero and the new. The narrator describes Beowulf in a flattering way: In Beowulf the events are perceived as a positive.

Grendel vs. Beowulf Comparison Essay Sample

The narrator says that "for the first time, fate did not make Beowulf the winner in battle. Beowulf recognizes this symbolic function when he reflects that he would pass on his armor to his own son if he had one.

Beowulf Christianity vs. Paganism

Through the narration, the audience can compare how the world can be giving to one while simultaneously being suppressing of another.

But then he was a warrior. Beowulf comes in contact with three monsters who each symbolize three different stages in his life. All the men he brought with him were too scared to fight the Dragon, except for one named Wiglaf.

His strength is not as strong as it was during his fight with Grendel but he willingly endangers his life for his people. This is manifested in the scene where Beowulf and Hrothgar are saying farewell to one another after Grendel and his mother have been slain: They also differ from each other by their major conflicts.

It is the spinoff of Beowulf, and tells the story of Grendel, one of the monsters in the epic Beowulf. They become the representation and symbolic meaning of Good versus Evil. Name three of the Germanic tribes that brought to England the dialects that make up the basis of the language we now call Old English Essay Beowulf fights the dragon as an old man, King of the Geats.

Grendel also changes because, in the epic, Grendel was the huge destructive monster who was obsessed with killing. Augustine had just come over to try and convert the Anglo-Saxon people to Christianity; although the conversion succeeded it was a shallow conversion, and there were still people following the Pagan ways.

The dragon was trying to defend his treasure and ended up destroying some of the Danish Kingdom. When Beowulf found himself pulled underwater by a monster, he killed it and eight other sea beasts that came to attack him However, in his last words to the Geat soldiers before he goes to fight the dragon, these characteristics are more vivid then anywhere else in the story.

Grendel vs. Beowulf Essay examples Words Oct 14th, 4 Pages Grendel One of the most compelling and highly developed characters in the novel Grendel, written by John Gardner, and the poem Beowulf, written by an anonymous poet, is the monster, Grendel. The fire-worm from the movie, also symbolizes the dragon from Beowulf.

Another comparison is the fact of Good vs.

Beowulf Christianity vs. Paganism

The fire-worm in the movie, which was actually just the fire from the sticks carried by the Wendol, represented the dragon from the epic Beowulf.3/5(2). Beowulf strikes the dragon's head with his sword, driving it in to the bone, but the sword, Naegling, breaks and the dragon bites Beowulf in the neck.

As Beowulf staggers, Wiglaf stabs the dragon in the stomach, and gets his hand burned in the process. % FREE Papers on Beowuld vs grendel essays. Sample topics, paragraph introduction help, research & more. Beowulf Essay Beowulf Essay Academic Essay Beowulf Essay Compare And Contrast Essay The first monster he fights is Grendel, the second is Grendel's mom, and the third is a dragon.

Each fight shows an important part of Beowulf. The. In a society in which the poem Beowulf takes place, war and kingship are normal factors in daily life. Beowulf's world is a very violent society with wars as a dominant part of every day life. Dragons and monsters are a constant threat to the Danes and the Geats.

Warriors are a necessity to this 3/5(2). Video: Beowulf Fighting the Dragon: Summary Fifty years after getting rid of Grendel and Grendel's mother, the epic hero Beowulf faces his third and final monster, a dragon who has been ravaging.

Beowulf vs dragon essay
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